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After 6 years of traveling the world, we’ve gathered the best travel tips and tricks for you to save money, get amazing deals, avoid travel mistakes, and enjoy your vacations like a Travel Savvy pro!

Our experiences have been really thrilling — traveling to different countries, doing long road trips, meeting locals and indulging in their culture; we’ve learnt a lot since we first started exploring!

We are so grateful that we got so many opportunities to explore the world, camping and road trips all over America,  exploring colorful beaches of Hawaii, scuba diving in Bali, water villas in Maldives, sparkling lights of Eiffel Tower, sparkling lights of Amsterdam, snow capped mountains of Switzerland, boat houses of Kerala in India; there are so many countless memories — it has been a beautiful journey and the world has been an amazing teacher. We feel that we have grown a lot along this journey!

People often ask us, “How should I start planning my vacation?” or “What is your top travel tip?”. If you ask us, no vacation will ever be exactly like you planned it. But, your time will always be amazing with a great company and few essential pre- planning.

We have put together our  well- experienced and very useful travel tips that every traveler need to know!


1. Make A List!

It is very important to start with a list. Whether you are planning for a short trip or a long vacation, there are many small things we always think we will remember to pack, but then you miss something very common but essential. It is always best to make a checklist and keep crossing off the items you have packed, and match it on the last day. One common list can be made to be used for every trip, it’s very helpful.

2. Always have a Plan B

No vacation will ever go exactly the way you planned it, so it’s always best to have a backup plan with you in case your current plan doesn’t work out. Sometimes , there can be tour cancellations due to weather or because of any uncontrollable incident. And if you already have a Plan B at that moment, it will save you a great deal of time! Sometimes you might not have internet as well to plan on the spot. So it’s best to have a Plan B.

3. Keep power bank to charge phones

Always, always! Don’t forget to keep a full charged power bank with you. Phones can literally get you out of anywhere these days. Phones help you access all bookings, maps, make urgent calls, help you pay etc. It gets really inconvenient if the phones get discharged in the middle of the day and if you are in middle of nowhere like doing a hike or exploring off beaten path, you might need a rescue!

4. Buy Travel Insurance for International Travel

Medical bills in foreign current can burn a huge hole in your pockets in case of emergencies. Also, it’s important to keep the luggage insured, save you from loss of flights cancellations etc. It’s best to search for a plan online and compare it with other options before buying.

5. Keep an additional camera battery

Don’t forget to keep an additional, even two additional batteries for your camera. Sometimes, it’s a full day trip and taking lot of pictures and videos will drain the battery really fast. Additional batteries will help you save time while you are on your way exploring and you’ll not regret not having those beautiful pictures.

6. Take photocopies/ printouts of important documents

We are so habitual to use phones these days that we forget how important it is to keep a hard copy as well. One common reason is that your phone might get discharged in the middle of nowhere and so you can use these documents to reach to your destination. Other serious cases can be loosing the phone by accident, phone damaged by water or incase your phone gets stolen.

7. Pack extra undergarments

We don’t need to explain the importance of this LOL. Always pack extra undergarments to have a choice incase your clothes are spoiled during any travel adventure or sometimes you might get really sweaty during your hikes or long walks and need to change them twice a day!

8. Always carry a first aid!

Always, always! When we were on our vacation in Hawaii, Priyanka got hurt by ocean rocks during snorkeling and thank god we had the first aid kit! It is sometimes not possible to get medications available at the closest distance, so always keep a first aid with you and make sure to carry it everywhere inside your small backpack.

9. Beware of free public Wi-Fi

Although we feel really happy to know about the free Wi- Fi but make sure you are not connecting it to an unsecured connection where the hacker can access all your personal and bank details. Best way it to go to a restaurant or a café like Starbucks and use the free internet there. This is always the safest way.

10. Alert your bank about your travel plans

Always make sure to inform your bank for your travel plans so that your card doesn’t get blocked due to a sudden foreign transaction. Sometimes banks treat it as unauthorized and block the cards immediately.

11. Book mid week for cheap flights deals

Cheapest day to book a flight is Wednesday; although you can check out the flight prices on Thursdays is you miss on Wednesday. The most expensive day to book a flight as per various price trends are Sundays. Avoid booking on Sundays.

12. Solo travelers, inform a family member or a friend about your plans.

If you are traveling solo, it is very important to keep a family member or one of your good friends informed about your plans so that if you get in trouble or stuck on a foreign land, there is a point of contact to help you out of it. It is better to share your itinerary with them if you’re traveling solo.

13. Always keep your passport secure!

Pay utmost attention to keep your passport at the safest place possible. You can trust the lockers inside the big hotels, but in case you are in any doubt, keep the passport with you inside a hidden pocket. Also, keep a handy photocopy of the passport at a place where you can access it really quickly.

14. Divide your cash and keep in different places

It is always best to divide the cash in few parts and keep them in separate pockets and separate bags. In case, you loose one of your bag, or if it gets stolen, you will only loose some part of your cash.

15. Check for refundable deals while booking

Refundable options in flights and hotels are best in case you need to cancel your plan due to any emergency. It will save you from a total loss. Sometimes, the booking sites do not check refundable deals on default so make sure to read the refund policy before booking.

16. Pre- book the activities and tours

Before you start searching for tours and activities, make sure to check to the weather conditions. For example, you might not prefer to book a helicopter tour on a rainy day. After you decide the date, make sure to book it on time as the most popular activities gets sold out really quickly on popular dates.

17. Bring earplugs for sleeping

On a long vacation, you might need to take a nap where you can get, LOL. Also, sometimes the International flights are for really long hours. If you have problem with noises while sleeping, make sure to keep an earbud at your reachable distance.

18. Be flexible in your plans

As we said before, no vacation will go exactly the way you planned! But you must learn how to make best of that situation. Keep few alternatives with you just incase your current plan doesn’t work out. If you can’t think of anything, chat with a local and you might get to know about some really amazing thing. It worked for us couple of times! No kidding.

19. Carry a light jacket

If you are not sure about the weather, it is always best to keep a warm and light jacket. Sometimes, you might not realize how frequent a weather while traveling from one country to another; you body might need some time to adjust to it.

20. Always carry a towel

Always maintain hygiene. Carry a towel with you, even if you don’t need it at the hotel, you might need it when you go to a beach or on a hike. It is very helpful to keep extra towels on your road trip.

21. Carry plastic bags for dirty or wet clothes

Many times it happens that you are out in the nature, and you want to spot for a sudden beach visit or a lake soaking time. It will be best to keep a plastic bag handy so that when you choose to explore randomly, you can keep the dirty and wet clothes in the backpack separately from everything else.

22. Carry quick to eat snacks

Always, always have some healthy and filling snacks with yourself, especially when you are traveling to a remote relocation. Some healthy options are fruits, protein bar, protein shakes, juice etc. You can even make a homemade sandwich and wrap it up in an aluminum foil to carry it, and enjoy a little private picnic out in the wild.

23. Carry an international travel adaptor for foreign trips

Invest in a good multipurpose travel adaptor one time and always make sure to carry it with you; keep it at the most reachable distance.

24. Wake up early to beat the crowd

Starting your day early is the best way to beat the crowd and traffic, especially on the busy seasons. This practice will actually let you add at least one more stop per day, giving you a good time to rest as well!

25. Bring a small bag to carry while sightseeing

Carry a small sling bag or backpack with you to keep essential items like phones, travel documents, power bank, camera, wallet and water bottle for the days you have to explore out in the nature.

26. Carry a small empty water bottle

Carry a small but portable water bottle with you when you start from home to airport and keep it with you all along the trip. Empty the water inside so that it passes the security check. You can even use it later to carry any beverage.

27. Check weather before making plans

Every traveler start planning their vacation by booking cheapest flight tickets, but we will suggest you otherwise. Before you book flights, always keep in mind to check weather conditions. Sometimes the flights might be cheapest but it might not be a good day to explore due to bad weather conditions!

28. Use Google translate to speak local language

This little trick goes along way! If you are on a foreign land, use this app to find out little words of local language and it will help you find the sweet little gems of the city you are exploring.

29. Download offline maps

We might not need to stress too much on the importance of keeping offline downloaded maps with you. This little planning has helped people to get rescued from really hazardous situations. Also, keep a charged power bank with you.

30. Keep toiletries at reachable distance

Carry travel size toiletries and keep them at a reachable distance like in a backpack. Especially during road trips, make sure to carry enough wet wipes, toilet papers, face towels, hand wash etc. and use them conveniently at your rest stops. Best place to buy travel size toiletries at cheapest price is Dollar Tree.

31. Check if the plan fits your pet or ADA accessible requirements

If you are traveling with a pet, make sure to check before hand in government website the rules to carry pets with you and also if you are traveling with a family member who need special assistance like moving a wheelchair etc.

32.Download safety apps

Download some safety apps beforehand, this is very important step that helps keep travelers safe. The Apps also allow a free download that offers downloadable guide books and maps for major cities around the world, with recommendations on where to avoid while traveling. Example: Triplingo, Smart Traveler, Emergency App, Sitata etc.

33.Carry a small torch

Carry a handy torch with you and a fully charged battery as a backup. You don’t know where a little torch can be of big help; you might need extra light to change you car’s flat tire at dark, to find route back to your camp from the hike, need to find stuff stuck under your car seat etc.

34.Always carry a lock

Carry a number TSA lock with you. TSA locks are mandatory at some international airports like while traveling to US. Also, you can use them to lock your bags inside the hotels or when you are exploring and need to keep a small bag in a public locker.

35. Bring comfortable travel footwear

Always, always! Keep a comfortable walking shoes with you no matter where you are traveling. It will help you walk longer and painlessly, and help you explore the long walking tours and long- beautiful nature hikes without getting your feet swollen. Also, you can carry a foot mask cover and use them overnight to rejuvenate your tired feet.

36. Go on Free City tours

Consider taking a Free City tour; you can search on Google and find out the options as per location. Although, it’s a free tip, you should pay a general tip at the end. Tip amount depends on the length of the tour, number of people on the tour and and how satisfied you are after the tour, but it’s common to tip anywhere from $5-$20 per person. If you consider the cost of paying for a group or private tour, even though “free” tours aren’t totally free, you’re still be saving money.

37. Carry a sunscreen and a hat

Carry a good SPF sunscreen with you. We would advice carrying at least 50+ SPF and a UV protection hat and enjoy sun bathing on those soft sands of sunny beaches. If you like the tan, carry a sun tanner with you.

38. Carry your COVID vaccination cards

It is very important to carry a physical and digital copy both of your Covid Vaccination Proof. Every country is following different rules in Covid era and you never know, where you might need a physical copy.

39. Bring a travel pillow and blanket

Explore Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s etc. and find a perfect set of travel pillow and blanket with you and carry them with you always. They are very handy and helpful during long flights where you sometimes don’t expect a sudden change of weather or during your road trips.

40. Stay happy and hydrated

Last but not the least, no matter where you are, it is very happy to be happy and stress- free to enjoy your vacation as a whole. Also, don’t forget to have plenty of fluids each day, especially during flights and long walking tours.

These are top travel tips by Bruised Baggages!! We hope this will help you plan a smooth vacation!

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