Plan your perfect honeymoon to Maldives

Maldives, also called Maldive Islands, is an independent island country in the north-central Indian Ocean. It consists of a chain of about 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks (some 200 of which are inhabited), grouped in clusters, or atolls.

Maldives is famous for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, lush greenery, fascinating landmarks and finger- licking sea food. If you are a beach person, Maldives should definitely be on you bucket list!

We went to Maldives on our Honeymoon and had a lot of fun. Here are our suggestions that you should definitely try out on your vacation in Maldives.

1. The boat ride

Boat ride beautiful view
Boat ride beautiful view

A vacation to Maldives is not complete without a boat ride. The whistle of boat, the splash of water on your face, the dancing coconut trees, the happiness at everyone’s faces and the cocktail in your hand; everything around you set you right into the vacation mode. This is a must do!

2. Ride a water scooter

Enjoying at the beach :P
Enjoying at the beach 😛

Visiting the beach is even more fun when you have got an adventure to begin. Rent a water scooter for a day and drive around the stunning water to see the gorgeous view all around it. It’s even more fun to watch the ocean from the ocean. You get to watch those stunning views which were far far away from the beach.

3. Sail with a group of dolphins

Sunset and dolphin watching
Sunset and dolphin watching

The second half of the day is best to go out and explore aquatic wildlife. This is one of the most loved tours by the tourists. It starts with a boat ride, then you sail through the endless ocean to spot dolphins and sail with them. Best would be to consider booking this tour around sunset. Watching sunset from the ocean is a different view in itself.

4. Stay in a water-villa with jacuzzi

Water Villa: Paradise Resort
Water Villa: Paradise Resort

Trust me when I say that water villa is a slice of heaven. Water villa, like the name says, is built over water and is surrounded by gorgeous view of endless ocean. You can go take a dip inside whenever you want, swim around, do snorkeling and have unlimited fun right in front of your villa. Make it more special by booking the one with a jacuzzi!

5. Take a therapeutic couple spa

Played with this little rabbit after spa therapy
Played with this little rabbit after spa therapy

Relax and do some self pampering by booking a couple spa session for yourself. Resorts offer various kinds of spa therapies and with a gorgeous view which is best to relax yourself after your initial few days in Maldives. There are couple of skin and hair therapies available too if you want to treat your tanned skin and water damaged hair. We would suggest booking it towards the end of your trip.

6. Date Night by the beach

Surprise dinner date by Deepanshu
Surprise dinner date by Deepanshu

Enjoy quality time with your partner on a romantic dinner by the beach. The sound of crashing waves and water touching your feet while you sit, enjoy yummy food and adore your loved one is an amazing experience. If you are planning to surprise your partner, you can include this in your list. And trust me, surprises works wonders.

7. Go on a scuba- dive

Dressed for diving-in
Dressed for diving-in

If you want to add more adventure to your vacation, consider booking a scuba diving experience. The water in Maldives in crystal clear, offering great views to divers. There are options available for both beginners and expert level. Also, there are options for private diving and diving in a group. Swim with a tortoise, watch the colorful marine life, enjoy the unbelievable views that you won’t ever forget.

Where to stay?

When you are going on a vacation to Maldives, the best option is to enjoy the taste of both land and sea. We would advise you to split your days into a mix of beach villa and ocean villa because both have it’s own fun. Moreover, if you are stuck to choose one option only, then choose water villa because of multiple reasons. First, water- villa are one of a kind experience that is offered by a couple countries only. Then, if you think about it that way, you can enjoy at the beach even if you stay in water villa, because beaches are common but the vice- versa isn’t true.

We tried to include all the details you need to plan your fun- filled vacation to Maldives. If you have any questions, you can post them in comments on our Facebook page or email us and we will try to answer as soon as we can. Happy Exploring!! 🙂


  • Abhishek Singh
    Posted August 3, 2022 11:24 pm 0Likes

    Thank you for all the fun suggestions for my Maldives vacation. We are visiting to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

  • Brittany
    Posted August 22, 2022 11:04 pm 0Likes

    The Maldives sound like the perfect place to spend a honeymoon! I would love to sail with the dolphins and enjoy a spa day. Thanks for sharing!

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