Gold Creek Pond Loop

The Gold Creek Pond Loop is a perfect, season-round trail for hiking and snowshoeing near Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. It’s approximately 55 miles from Seattle making it a perfect spot for a day’s outing to explore the nature. It is the perfect stop if you’re visiting Snoqualmie. Gold creek pond loop trail is visited by people from all over Washington.

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Getting around Gold Creek Pond Loop Trail

Gold creek pond loop trail directions is very simple, just follow the directions in the map. There is a short 0.5 mile bumpy road near the entrance, be careful when driving. Depending on the time and season, the parking lot gets crowded. When we were entering Gold creek pond loop parking, we did find cars lined up on the sides on the road leading up to the parking lot. There are two vault toilets in the beginning of the trail.

Gold Creek Pond Trail


Gold Creek Pond Trail

Gold creek pond loop trail is a short ~1-mile trail hike. he trail is quite easy, there is very little elevation gain. It can be accessed by hikers of all levels; even kids love it! Also, it’s fully ADA accessible.

There are many short beautiful stops till the end of the Gold Creek pond trail where you can stop to take lot of pictures. One you reach to get to the large pond, you can explore the large grassy field around it and find places to get beautiful shots. We recommend normal hiking gear if you’re going in summer or fall and snowshoeing gear if going in the winter.

The bridge over Gold Creek


The bridge over Gold Creek

Gold Creek Pond Loop trail hike

Once you start walking along the Gold creek pond loop trail, hike along the paved trail to the intersection of the loop trail. Continue walking to the left, passing a bridge over Gold Creek. The scene here was very beautiful! We stopped to click lot of pictures!

If you visit Gold Creek Pond Loop during fall, you will be able to witness the salmon spawning. This is such a interesting scene to watch!

Trail covered with snow


Trail covered with snow

We visited Gold Creek Pond loop in winter during November first week and found the trail covered with snow. Though it was the beginning of snowfall season, the tracks were quite slippery. Be careful while hiking. Shortly after crossing the bridge, there is a picnic area and Gold Creek Pond access.

Gold Creek Pond


Gold Creek Pond

The mountains surrounding the lake are full of lush greenery and beautifully reflect the mountains on the clear waters of the lake, providing for some beautiful photos. Gold creek pond loop trail weddings are quite popular! This is also a popular spot in Seattle for wedding photoshoots, couple photoshoots, maternity photoshoot etc. There were some photoshoots happening on the day we visited.

When you reach the end of Gold creek pond loop trail, there is a good sized picnic area adjacent to the lake where you can enjoy your lunch with the beautiful views of the Snoqualmie Pass peaks.

View from trail


View from trail

Continue clockwise around the Gold Creek Pond loop trail, passing a few more access points to the pond. The trail passes through groves of trees and open grassy areas as you circle the lake. Once you reach the end of the end of the Gold Creek loop, head back to the parking lot the same way you came in.

Gold Creek Pond Winter

Gold Creek Pond Loop winter visits are as beautiful as the summer views! If you want to visit this place in winter, you will need a Snow-Park permit. This permit is available both online and at the trail entry. Make sure to bring some cash.

Can you swim in Gold Creek Pond?

Swimming is prohibited in Gold Creek Pond. You will find signs around the lake, warning people not to fish or swim in the pond. People say there is probably a fair amount of poison swirling in the pond because of the unnatural way it was built.

Do you need a pass to visit the Gold Creek Pond Loop

Open Season: All year round

Entry fee: $5/ vehicle/ day or Washington’s Recreation Pass. Need Sno-Park permit from December through March.

Activity: Paddle boarding in summer, snowshoeing in winter; swimming not allowed. It is also a popular spot for pre- wedding shoots, maternity shoots and for even getting married!

Bruised Baggages Tips:

  • Buy Washington State’s ‘Recreation Annual Pass. This is an annual pass which gives entry to all the Washington State Parks for $30. Individual entry costs $5 to $10 per vehicle.
  • Reach early to get parking space as it has limited parking.
  • Carry water and snacks to tackle hunger during the hikes. If you want to enjoy lunch with a view, eat at the picnic table in front of the Pond.
  • In summer, carry sunscreen, sun glasses and hats.
  • In rainy reason, the trail gets filled with water, so wear waterproof shoes and carry an umbrella.
  • In winter, there is snow on the track which gets slippery, so wear snow proof shoes and crampons over it to get stability while walking.
  • Carry first aid.

We tried to include all the details you need to explore Gold Creek Pond Loop. If you have any questions, post them in comments or on our Facebook page and we will try to answer as soon as we can.

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