I am Priyanka

My hometown is in Allahabad, India; if you haven’t heard of this place try searching “World’s largest pilgrimage gathering”. This place has got it’s own vibe and I guess it played a part in brewing my love for nature and travel.

 Even when I was a little girl, I used to plan all my summer vacations with full excitement well in advance. When I moved to Bangalore for my MBA, I started to go on short trips with my friends frequently. During my MBA, I got the opportunity to do my first International trip to Europe. It was then when I actually realized that “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.” Since then, I have been longing to travel the world. 

By profession, I am a Financial Analyst. Right after I started working, I started exploring India, one state at a time. Gradually, I ticked off my bucket list to tour East, West, North & South of India. If you ask me, I can’t pick a favorite! Have you seen that funny traveling reel “When my parents ask where all my money goes?” That’s literally me.

 After 2 years of my job, I travelled to Bali and met the love of my life. Traveling is magical for me; it makes me feel that I have something amazing to look forward to in life. My travel mantra is to ‘Travel in style’. Even a little opportunity to get dressed and head out, lights up my face. And when I am enjoying a variety of cuisines, it’s even better.

I always loved to click photographs during my trips and write my travel stories. Now traveling has become my passion. I want to share my magical moments with you all. Through Bruised Baggages I want to help you plan your best vacation because yes, the world is a book and it feels amazing to read each page in the best way possible. 🙂

During my childhood days, I was a fan of that Hindi show “Duniya ki sair karlo” which means Explore the World. I used to get so mesmerized by it that those views are still down my memory lane. And ever since I did my first International family trip to Singapore and Malaysia, I got hooked to traveling.

By profession, I am a Software Developer and hail from Rajasthan; one of the most popular places to travel in India. I explored Europe the first chance I got after I started earning. Gradually, I started traveling and exploring different states of India with my friends. It’s traveling that made it possible to meet my one and only. I met her in Bali for the first time.

I am a nature lover yet techie at the same time. I love mountains and beaches like I love those sparkling lights of Eiffel Tower. I dreamt to explore the world. My hard work got me to Washington; a place famous for high mountains and high technology which exactly matches my taste. Ever since then, I have been exploring United States as as resident.

I have a soft- spot for luxury vacations and guitar. Also, I am a go-to person for binge eating parties. My travel mantra is to “Smart Plan” my vacations. Doesn’t it happens sometimes that you are disappointed when you visit a place because it’s not like how you saw on someone’s Instagram post. Well, it happened to me as well. And that’s why I like to spend a lot of time to read about my travel destination and put together a perfect plan. Through Bruised Baggages, I want to bring real life experiences and genuine reviews to help you craft your best vacation.

I am Deepanshu

Priyanshu's Bruised Baggages

Priyanka and Deepanshu met in Bali for the first time and fell in love. Thanks to their passion towards traveling and exploring the world. The picture is of their first date in Bali.

Both dated for couple years. In 2020, Deepanshu flew to India and planned a big fat proposal to surprise Priyanka. They are happily ever after Mr. and Mrs. now!

Priyanshu believe that traveling is magical. It connects alike souls. Bruised Baggages is about their love towards traveling and dancing somewhere in the world wearing a fedora hat and a cocktail in hand.

Bruised Baggages is different because it’s real. We don’t believe in wearing unrealistic get-ups and doing lots of editing to make a place look pretty just in pictures. Through our travel blog Bruised Baggages, we want to let you see the world without any artificial filter, keeping it raw so that you can choose what you actually like.

Priyanka and Deepanshu believe in inspiring people to travel, chasing true happiness, spreading love and positivity all around.

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